#2ndaryELA Chat Summary: Classroom Organization

August 06, 2015

Get ideas for getting organized in your ELA classroom. Join secondary English Language Arts teachers Tuesday evenings at 8 pm EST on Twitter.

This week's #2ndaryELA Twitter chat was all about organizing the ELA classroom. Middle and High School ELA teachers discussed how to organize the teacher desk, student supplies, paperwork, student work, and books. Thanks to all who joined us; I loved seeing all of the "old" and new faces. The highlights are below.

Organizing the teacher desk:
@reevesinthemid I use multiple small drawers & baskets to keep my desk organized.No paper goes on my desk.Mac,calendar,&printer on desk only.
@dianeraguz I always make sure I have a clear desk when I leave so that I can begin fresh in the AM
@jennann516 I don’t have a teacher desk. I have a small table where I work while modeling with students. Keep pensETC in cup on table.
@dianeraguz I also use a different colored, laminated file folder for each day for worksheets, etc.

Organizing student supplies:
@krisannamiller I use hang shoe holder 2 separate pens etc. Hanging files for assignments. Hanging pocket folders for notebooks etc.
@dianeraguz I have a designated area/bookcase w/ student supplies that they know they can use
@cera0316 bins of every supply & table bins for markers, pens, and sticky notes; hanging file with #1-31 for absent/extra papers
@jesswalte saw a great idea where abs students had name written in calendar sqare, missed work was in pockets posted next to it
@SpanglerMiddle For absent work I use a file folder box - ea. folder is numbered 1-31 - students look in the folder for the date they were absent
@abbeydick I try to make materials as self-service as possible so kids always have what they need AND so they don't bother me for supplies.

Managing paperwork and grading:
@literarymaven As much as possible student work is done in their notebook or on Google Drive = no papers floating around.
@literarymaven Trying to "grade" less & give feedback more with rubrics, checklists. Grade turnaround time = 1 day 4 small, 1 week 4 essays
@abbeydick I'm going to try to keep papers at school and work there. Easier to lose stuff in the car, at home, etc. Separate baskets.
@literarymaven I hand back graded work during warm up time at start of class or ask a student to do it
@Trojanteach02 Google Drive! Took old assignments/tests & made them digital. I have 24/7 access to Ss work for help. Add-Ons help w/grading
@15shopper We are 1:1 w/iPads, so much of the grading will be managed through our LMS @CanvasLMS , SpeedGrader app, or emails.
@Trojanteach02 Anyone using Google Drive, the grading trifecta is GoogleDocs+Doctopus+Goobric (sometimes Flubaroo)

Organizing student work and portfolios:
@literarymaven Each student gets hanging folder in a filing cabinet. Work 2 be filed goes in basket on top of cabinet. Student helper files.
@Trojanteach02 creative & consistent naming for files in Google Drive. Filename/Period/lastnamefirstinitial
@cera0316 Google Drive from the time they are freshmen makes our senior portfolios easy-peasy.
@cera0316 AP Lit Ss create books at end of every novel to turn in. Saves stacks of papers for me

Organizing books:
@chanson_21 I use the Booksource app to keep track of classroom library, & textbooks/books in a novel set are numbered inside front cover
@dianeraguz Class novels assigned number. Give to Ss and write down number; collect to make sure it's the same number. I make multiple columns so I can use it for all class novels we read all year and store it in a file.
@MrsOrman I use Delicious Library - scan books using camera on iPhone and select student from class list. Mac program. It's awesome!

For more ideas on getting your classroom organized:

Hope you'll join us next week, Tuesday August 11th at 8pm EST to discuss managing student behavior in the ELA classroom. The questions for next week's chat will be posted here on Sunday. If you missed Tuesday night's chat, scroll down and read the whole thing below.

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