July 31, 2022

What I'm Reading & Planning in August

Summer is winding down, but I'm still focused on enjoying time with my family. I'm also reading and working on a change in my classroom routine.

I'm down to my final month of summer, but I'm not panicking just yet. Right now I'm on a long weekend trip to Arlington and Alexandria with my sister. Then my daughters have one more week of camp and school at home before we head back to the beach for another two weeks. They'll all do a week of camp there (my oldest one week and then my twins the next) and we'll have some family visit with us. Things are so go, go, go during the school year so I've been trying to really slow down and enjoy time with my daughters. They are getting to be an age where it is so much easier to do things with them. This summer has been a good mix of doing ordinary summer things (playground dates, library trips, swimming) with some special summer things (beach trips, a visit to Sesame Place, camps).

July 1, 2022

What I'm Reading & Planning in July

Summer is the time to decompress from the nonstop demands of the school year. I'm reading and thinking about making a change in my classroom routine.

Summer is in full swing and I am trying to enjoy every moment of it. Immediately after school ended, I spent two weeks at the beach with my daughters just enjoying the sunshine and decompressing from our nonstop routines during the school year. 

For most of the rest of the summer, my daughters are back in preschool (my twins) or enrolled in camp (my oldest) and I am catching up on doctor and dentist appointments and reconnecting with friends. I am working on turning resources I have used in my classroom into ones you can also use in yours and writing blog posts sharing my experiences teaching all things ELA. I am also making more time for exercise, trying to reclaim my garden, and sitting down to read a book in the middle of the day whenever I feel like it. Summer is glorious.