#2ndaryELA Chat Summary: ELA Classroom Environment

July 23, 2015

Take a peek into the classrooms of 25+ secondary English Language Arts teachers for decoration ideas, desk arrangements, how to showcase student work, and technology must haves.

Week 2 of #2ndaryELA Twitter chats did not disappoint. 25+ middle school and high school English Language Arts teachers from coast to coast and (and even Puetro Rico and Canada!) spent an hour chatting about the must haves in an ELA classroom, decorating, showing off student work, desk arrangement, and room inspirations.

My favorite idea for decorating with student work was shared by Pittsburgh teacher John C. Danchisko (@mrdanchisko), who said "We create #bucketlists 1st week and I hang those ASAP. must contain 5 selfless acts. Shows good in all. Introduces carpe firm." Love, love, love it!

For more ideas for decorating your secondary ELA classroom:

Hope you'll join us next week, Tuesday July 28th at 8pm EST to discuss the ELA classroom library (books! books! books!). The questions for next week's chat will be posted here on Sunday. If you missed Tuesday night's chat, scroll down and read the whole thing below.

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  1. So bummed I missed this! I've been trying to get my classroom perfect before the school year starts. Still working on it and we start August 12th!